Lubricant for compressed air circuit distribution systems and displacement pumps

Lubricant for pneumatic tools

Oiling after checking of the blocks of diving

Totally odorless

Non possible smell diffusion

Improves efficiency

Prevents equipment from seizing and sticking

Suitable viscosity

No risk of oil misting and fogging  

AIRLINE AL 110 is also used for oiling diving valve blocks after regulatory testing



air compressed lubricant, air compressed oil, oil for air compressed, food grade lubricant air compressed

                                          Bottle  1 L (Box of 12 x 1 L)

CODEX lubricant
complies with Pharmacopée France 10° Edition
US Pharmacopoeia
British Pharmacopoeia BP 2001
EEC Regulation 2011/10/CE
For use in the domains of  Medicine, Pharmaceuticals  and Cosmetology

Use with a spray bottle for anti-corrosion oiling of diving valve blocks after regulatory inspections



Manufacturing, lubrification, cleansing, protection,
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AIRLINE AL 110 lubrifiant pour air comprimé qualité codex agréé contact alimentaire NSF H1